Another Chicago Water Tank to be washed from the skyline

809 North Racine Chicago water tank

Does this AMUSE you? Not me. The Chicago Water Tank at 809 North Racine is coming down.

You know the water tank at 809 North Racine Street. You’ve passed by it a zillion times. And it always has the power to AMUSE you. This one sits right alongside the Kennedy Expressway at Chicago Avenue.

Well, take your last looks quickly. Tuesday, the City of Chicago filed a permit to bring the tank down. And it doesn’t even get the dignity of a Demolition Permit. No, this tank goes out via “Easy Permit Process.” Harsh. But at least we had some warning, unlike the recently-removed tank at 1882 South Normal.

Chicago 1148 W 6 Chicago 1148 W 7 IMG_7192 IMG_7212

Chicago Water Tank 809 North Racine

The “demo” permit. Easy Process, my eye.

Chicago Water Tank 1882 South Normal

The aforementioned Chicago Water Tank at 1882 South Normal. If you know of a permit to remove this one, I’ve not seen it.

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