The Calm Before the Storm at 165 North Desplaines

165 North Desplaines

Where did all that equipment go? 165 North Desplaines is (temporarily) very quiet.

Tear it down.

Smooth it over.

Dig the holes.

Smooth it over.

Such is the cycle of life for a construction site. We’re in that fourth phase now at 165 North Desplaines. It’s eerily quiet, now that caisson equipment has been shipped off (is some of it now at 3Eleven?).

Of course, the silence won’t last. Expect Power Construction to swamp the lot soon to build the foundation and set up a tower crane. (Perhaps in that first big hole in the southwest corner of the lot?)

165 North Desplaines

Seems to me this could be a good place for a new tower crane.

165 North Desplaines

Things got all smoothed over in June, too. After demolition was complete, but before caisson work started.

165 North Desplaines

Shout-out to Power Construction for having a chair waiting for me on site.


Spotted at 3Eleven, another Power site. Did it travel direct from 165 North Desplaines?

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