Foundation Equipment Standing By at 171 Aberdeen

171 Aberdeen

I don’t know how much it costs per day to have one of those pretty yellow Hayward Baker machines in your lot, in this case the lot being 171 North Aberdeen Street, but I’m guessing Novak Construction would like to put it to good use sooner rather than later.

The latest project from MCZ Development and designed by Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture, 171 Aberdeen promises 75 luxury apartments, 15,000 square feet of retail space, 40,000 square feet of office space, and up to 140 parking spots at the corner of Lake and Aberdeen Streets in the molten-lava-hot Fulton Market neighborhood.

Curiously, there’s a permit on file with the City of Chicago. But it’s a foundation permit for a tower crane. That seems a tad cart-before-horse-ish to me, but it’s happened before. Novak Construction, the general contractor on 171 Aberdeen, will get to work as soon as the city says “go.”

171 Aberdeen

Here’s the tower crane permit, displayed at the 171 Aberdeen work site.

171 Aberdeen

And here’s a rendering from MCZ Development of the finished 171 Aberdeen.

171 Aberdeen

All that prime tagging canvas will be gone once 171 Aberdeen construction gets rolling.

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