3Eleven Takes a Giant Baby Step Towards Beginning Construction

3Eleven 311 West Illinois

Once, there was this garage at 311 West Illinois Street.

3Eleven, the new residential tower at an old church from The John Buck Company, has taken a big first step towards getting started on construction of its priory addition and 23-story building, even if that step involves only a little structure.

Gone from the property at 311 West Illinois Street in River North is the garage/equipment shed that once occupied the southwest corner of the surface parking lot.

3Eleven 311 West Illinois

Now, there is no garage. There is a slab, but no garage.

In its place will be a 23-story tower, containing 245 apartments, 109 parking spaces, and ground-level retail. On the west side of the church you see above,¬†Assumption Roman Catholic Church, the two-story priory building will have a third level added as part of the development. Two architecture firms split duties on this one. FitzGerald Associates (West Loop represent!) handled the design of the tower, while McBride Kelley Baurer Architects handles the priory addition. (It is that firm’s John Kelley whose name appears on the renovation permit.)

The first permit was filed with the City of Chicago on June 2, allowing for the addition to the priory. That’s all well and good, but I’m watching this lot from the Brown Line nearly every day, knowing a tower crane will soon sprout. Stay tuned.

3Eleven 311 West Illinois Street

Here’s the priory I mentioned earlier.

3Eleven 311 West Illinois Street

Now, picture it with a third story added.

3Eleven 311 West Illinois Street

The main sanctuary structure of Assumption Roman Catholic Church will remain as it is.

3Eleven 311 West Illinois Street

Oh, and here’s the parking lot and garage, from a somewhat dizzying perspective.

3Eleven 311 West Illinois Street

Here you go, permit fans.


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