First Visit: Clarendale Six Corners erects a tower crane *Updated*

Clarendale Portage Park

Clarendale Six Corners gets a tower crane.

**This post was updated April 15, 2021 to reflect the correct name of this project, Clarendale Six Corners.**

Last week saw Chicago’s northernmost and westernmost tower crane erected at the Six Corners intersection of Irving Park, Milwaukee, and Cicero.

Clarendale Six Corners was issued a foundation permit back in January. That permit calls for a 10-story building with a total of 258 units. 114 of those units will be residential, 98 will be assisted living, and 46 will be memory care.

With a development assist from LCS,  Ryan Companies is your developer, design architect, and general contractor on this one. That’s peak keeping-it-in-house.

Shout-out to Adjustable Concrete Construction for the info and a rendering of The Clarendale.

And now, as is usually the case on this blog, please enjoy far more Tower Crane Erection photos than you’ll ever need, with a few foundation pics thrown in for good measure.

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