56 West Huron will do just fine without a tower crane, thank you very much

56 West Huron March 2018

56 West Huron rises in River North, sans tower crane. 

I normally assume a 13-story residential tower will require the use of a tower crane. Eight stories is where I picture an imaginary line when a crane decision has to be made. So I expected months ago to see a permit come through for a tower crane foundation at 56 West Huron in River North. I’m still waiting; Gilbane Building Company, however, is not. They’re making great progress with a humble, albeit pretty & yellow, rolling crane.

56 West Huron is a project from Kiferbaum Development Group. Designed by Studio Dwell, the tower will include 10 full-floor condominiums, plus one duplex penthouse unit topping them off. Completion is anticipated in Fall 2018.

The following gallery includes progress photos taken this month, as well as in February, with the march photos first. Do not be confused; this tower is not being disassembled.


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