Progress Update: The Hilton Hotel combo rises in the South Loop

1101 South Wabash

Lendlease continues upward on the Hilton Homewood Suites/Hilton Garden Inn in the South Loop.

That’s not just a hotel Lendlease is building at 1101 South Wabash Avenue in the South Loop; it’s two hotels. The combination Hilton Homewood Suites and Hilton Garden Inn got started last winter, and is at, or near, the half-way point of its 30-story goal. Two architecture firms,  Lothan Van Hook DeStefano Architecture and Pappageorge Haymes Partners, were involved in the design, one for each hotel segment.

4 thoughts on “Progress Update: The Hilton Hotel combo rises in the South Loop

    • It’s generally from ground level. parking decks are still counted as “floors.” Sometimes there is confusion when a building is measured at a certain number of stories, but some are below grade. This hotel will be 30 stories from sidewalk to top.

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      • I called the alderman office and they said this was a 29 stories building. I’m still trying to confirm the height of it as the initial plans had it as 310Feet. I do recall there was a change of number of parking spots therefore changing the height of it. Do you have that information on how tall this is going to be ?


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