Is that glass? Are those bricks? The McDonald’s Headquarters rolls on

McDonald's Headquarters

We’re starting to see the underside of the ninth floor at the northwest corner of McDonald’s HQ. Plus brick and glass! 

The new McDonald’s Headquarters in the West Loop may not quite be ready for the top sesame-seed bun, but McHugh Construction keeps adding ingredients to the burger giant’s nine-story home. (I like to compare progress to building a hamburger, but with the new Apple Store looking like a gigantic Macbook, we can thank our lucky stars Sterling Bay and Gensler decided not to build this HQ to look like a Big Mac. You think the NIMBY’s would have thought that worked well with its surroundings?)

There are new glass panels on a couple sides now, and some sweet brickwork adorning parts of the exterior. If you take into account setbacks and the like, some of McDonald’s has reached nine stories high. It’s a tad early to start worrying about losing a tower crane or two, but the top-down strategy has paid off, as this project rises incredibly fast.

McDonald's two cranes Aerialscapes

An overhead view of McDonald’s and its two tower cranes by Curtis Waltz at Aerialscapes.

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