Fact: Even in the snow, Vista Tower construction is still cool

Wanda Vista Tower snowy day

A cold, sunny day at Vista Tower.

While last week’s wintry weather threatened to slow down air traffic and snarl roadways, it didn’t cancel the show at Vista Theater, as McHugh Construction crews plowed through snowy conditions to continue progress at Vista Tower.

Similar to the McHugh project over at the new McDonald’s HQ, Vista Tower seems to have several separate sections of different activities ongoing, from holes being dug and ramps being started to the continuing extension of Upper Wacker Drive.

One request though, if I might add to the growing list of chores to be done: Can we get a pedestrian bridge over Field Boulevard? That long walk around The Tides, GEMS Academy, the Shoreham et al to get optimal views is starting to wear on me. Or maybe just have a tower crane hoist us across the Field void. Thanks.

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