A sunny day at One Bennett Park

To my dearest readers, followers, and stalkers:

It is my goal to avoid posting about the same projects too often. Which is why I don’t just stare out the living room window behind me and post hourly updates of 625 West Adams. No, I try to give you some variety, getting to as many construction sites as I can to keep things fresh, so you don’t get bored. But…

The rare occurrence of sunshine and blue skies in Chicago forces a change of the rules. I know I just sent out three dozen shots of One Bennett Park last week, but that was a grey, overcast day. under cloudy skies. But Thursday? Thursday was glorious. And I assure you, every skyscraper nerd in the city was out there Thursday, snapping photos like it’s their job. And few buildings looked as spectacular bathed in sunlight than One Bennett Park.

And so, because I simply can’t help myself around this beauty, I give you, yet again, more of One Bennett Park.

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