More from One Bennett Park, Streeterville’s future skyscraper

One Bennett Park

One Bennett Park is on its way to 69 stories in Streeterville.

It’s barely been more than 2 weeks since the last update on One Bennett Park in this blog space, but skyscraper warrant extra attention while they’re still low enough to the ground to see. Plus, One Bennett Park has changes a lot in the past 14 days or so. Not only is the core growing, but there’s more ground work being done as well. And iron work. And there are lots of pretty colors.

Oh shoot, don’t take my word for it. Take my pictures instead. And take these friendly reminders about One Bennett Park as well:

Developer: Related Midwest

Architects: Robert A.M. Stern (with a hand from GREC Architects)

General Contractor: Lendlease

Address: 451 East Grand Avenue

69 stories, 280 apartments, 70 condominiums

Completion in 2019


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