Permits in hand, no time’s being wasted at 1136 South Wabash

1136 South Wabash

A parking lot no more! Two days after the filing of permits, 1136 South Wabash is getting started.

This comes as no surprise.

Just two days after permits were filed for both the foundation and the full-build, crews are at work in the former parking lot at 1136 South Wabash Avenue in the South Loop. No reason to waste time now. They’ve likely been chomping at the bit for two months, ever since the tower crane permit was filed, with no place to put it. But now it’s safe to expect constant activity there by Lendlease, the general contractor on 1136 South Wabash, for the next 18-24 months. And the good news is, you can watch the fun happen from the Orange and Green Line trains at the Roosevelt station.

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