1136 South Wabash gets permits to begin construction

The cart has been here for a while; now there’s finally a horse to pull it.

1136 South Wabash is a 26-story apartment tower approved by the Chicago Plan Commission back in May. A development of Chicago’s CA Ventures, the project received a tower crane permit on August 3rd. That’s all well and good; every high rise needs a tower crane. But no one plants a tower crane before starting foundation work. And at long last, that permission has been granted. Yesterday, the foundation permit for 1136 South Wabash was filed, as well as the full-build permit, allowing general contractor Lendlease to begin work on the SCB-designed building.

That’s right, first came the tower crane, then, two months later, both the foundation permit and full-build permit, on the same day. That’s a new one to me.

Those permits tell us to expect 320 rental units, 143 parking spaces, and retail on the first floor. Expect work to begin sooner rather than later, so that tower crane permit can make itself useful.

1136 South Wabash

Nothing to see here. Yet. But soon.

1136 South Wabash

I hope Hebru Brantley can somehow save this work. Or, paint about 2,000 more around Chicago.

1136 South Wabash

The tower crane permit, filed a full two months before the foundation permit.

1136 South Wabash

The foundation permit. At last.

1136 South Wabash

The full build permit.

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