Aurélien glasses up North Clark Street

Aurélien glass

That yellow light means “Caution: Approach Aurélien Slowly, Or You’ll Miss All The New Glass”

That’s right, Aurélien. You didn’t forget, did you? Two weeks ago, we learned that 833 North Clark Street in Near North got a name change when it topped out. Ryan Companies christened her AurélienAnd now Ryan has added something else to their new tower: glass. New name, new glass, new website. That’s the Construction Trifecta!

It seems to be a theme around here lately. A residential tower under construction gets a new name and some new glass at the same time. (See Level Apartments.) Okay, obviously a new building getting glass isn’t unexpected. It’s very difficult to see in or out of a structure without windows. But the name change, that’s always a surprise. Sometimes buildings just keep the mailing address as their name. I can make a case for either method.

Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, glass. Here ya go:



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