Darn Near Done: Sterling Bay announces showings at The Dylan

Another fantastic location is about to be your home, if you so choose. Sterling Bay announced last week in an Instagram post that The Dylan, their new Fulton Market apartment tower, is now showing units. And while I’m not going to fool anyone into thinking these are in my price range just to get a tour, the studio units I looked at on the website are nice sized. At least where I come from, 553 square feet is darn spacious. Plus, I love the West Loop and Fulton Market District. This’d be a great spot for me. Or for any of my dedicated followers who like to invite guests over. (Careful that hint don’t drop on your noggin.)

Here’s a quick look at what The Dylan looks like right this very minute. You can also click on my tags for The Dylan and 160 North Morgan to see how construction progressed.

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