The Bentham gets a permit to begin construction in River North

The Bentham

A hearty welcome to Chicago to The Bentham. We were a little worried about you. (Rendering from Sedgwick Development.)

The Bentham is happening.

We were getting worried about the empty lot at LaSalle and Erie in River North. It had been quite some time since the old Erie and LaSalle Body Shop had been demolished to make room for a new residential tower, but The Bentham’s website never went offline, a good sign of hope that the project was still alive.

Sedgwick Development is building this condominium tower, not only as the developer, but as the general contractor and designer as well. They got a tower crane permit way back in September of last year, and yesterday, a foundation permit was issued. That permit calls for 15 stories and 31 condos, plus 53 parking spots and 3,132 square feet of ground-floor retail space.

Congrats go out to Sedgwick Development. I bet they’re champing at the bit to get going.

5 thoughts on “The Bentham gets a permit to begin construction in River North

  1. First off, I’ve really enjoyed your blog. It’s great to get a snapshot of the large construction project that shape our city from someone as passionate as you. Hope to see more updates soon. Take care.

  2. Wish you’d come back! It was great checking your blog on the state of things since I moved out of state.

    • I appreciate hearing that. But I no longer have the luxury of dedicating the time and resources to keeping the blog current. Believe me, I miss it as much as you do.

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