Scape Swanston adds a skyscraper to Melbourne’s student housing boom

Scape Swanston Melbourne

Scape Swanston (right) is on the rise in the Central Business District of Melbourne, Victoria.

Scape Swanston Melbourne

Scape Swanston render from Denton Corker Marshall.

It struck me as I walked around Melbourne, Victoria last month how many construction projects were designated specifically as student housing. A quick look around the interwebs told me there are 345,000 college students in this city, according to About a third of those students are from outside Australia. No wonder Melbourne is building so much housing for them.

Scape Swanston is one such facility. No ordinary dorm, Scape Swanston will be a 43-story skyscraper with 763 apartments. Scape Student Living is developing the tower, which is a design by Denton Corker Marshall. Built is the builder. It is expected to open in 2018.


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