Another day, another hospital demolition: The obliteration of Cuneo Hospital

Montrose and Clarendon

Cuneo Hospital gives way to the Montrose and Clarendon Development.

There are big plans for the intersection of Montrose and Clarendon Avenues in Uptown. And as is often the case, big plans to build first mean big plans to demolish.

And so it goes for the former Cuneo Hospital, and later the Maryville children’s shelter, buildings. Empty since 2005 (“it looks like a science experiment in there. Plants, moss, all kinds of things growing” I was told by a passing explorer) the old buildings had fallen into disrepair. So down they come. American Demolition is out there doing the dirty work.

Taking Cuneo’s place will be a joint venture from JDL Development and Harlem Irving CompaniesHartshorne Plunkard Architecture is the designer.


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