Vista Tower Crane Update: East Crane is planted as West Crane blooms

Wanda Vista cranes

Even when they’re on the ground, tower cranes are cool.

West Crane will always be able to sneer at East Crane with a knowing, I-Was-Born-First smirk. But only by a couple of days. No sooner had construction crews rooted the first crane into the ground, the second one found a rebar bed of its own.

As one does when it’s about 10 degrees outside, dedicated skyscraper nerds (skyscraperds?) hung around Thursday afternoon to watch West Tower reach sky-cab status. Meanwhile, Eastie’s resting comfortably in place, waiting for concrete to be poured into its foundation.

There’s also the matter of the large hole in the middle of the site, that everyone but me seemed to be allowed to climb into. Unfair.



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