Construction Update: Niche 905

Niche 905

Balconies galore at Niche 905.

Balconies. If you ask me to describe Niche 905 in one word, that’s my answer: Balconies.

Named for its location at 905 North Orleans Street in Near North, Niche 905 continues toward completion. Having dropped its tower crane back in late August, the 18-story, 202-unit apartment tower by FitzGerald Associates is wrapping up exterior work, while evidence can be seen through the windows of the interior work that goes on.

But the balconies are what get your attention. Extending from the west and east sides of the building, they’re spaced vertically and horizontally like an out-of-control climbing wall. Don’t try that, though. That wouldn’t be safe.

Expect residents to start enjoying those outdoor spaces in Spring 2017. Also, expect them to use elevators to get there, not climbing apparatus.

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