SMASHotels’ Marriott Autograph Hotel Rises in Streeterville

Marriott Autograph Hotel

Pepper Construction crews work on the new Marriott Autograph Hotel in Streeterville.

The Ivy Boutique Hotel in Streeterville has a wonderful rooftop deck. And as everyone in Chicago knows, rooftop decks were made for construction spectating.

Directly across the street from Ivy, at 228 East Ontario Street, the ECD Company and SMASHotels are erecting a brand new Marriott Autograph Hotel. The 22-story hotel, designed by Chicago-based Koo Architecture,  will have 200 rooms when completed (often referred to as “keys” in developer-speak.)

The Marriott Autograph is being jammed into such a tight space, it’s difficult to get a good view of Pepper Construction at work. Which is why you should get a room at Ivy, head up on the roof with The Drifters, and watch for yourselves.


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