More Photos Than I Know What To Do With: The Byrne Flyover

Jane Byrne Interchange

The newest section of the Jane Byrne Flyover.

I cannot recommend enough that everyone live where construction is right outside your window. Quiet construction. Relatively un-dusty construction.

Like the Jane Byrne Flyover, for example. Close enough to be mesmerizing, yet far enough away that nary a peep can be heard.

They’re building a new ramp from the inbound Dan Ryan Expressway to the outbound Eisenhower Expressway. As soon as I see equipment amassing inside the Circle Interchange (as it used to be known) I get the coffee hot and the Red Bull cold for optimal night-work spectating. That’s when McHugh Construction lifts the beams into place that form the roadway. Usually. They did some day-time work this time around, as well.

The photos that follow are from two phases of work: One from June 6-8, and just this past weekend, June 17-19.

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