1400 West Washington Blvd is a Hole in the Ground.

1400 West Washington hole

A large hole in the ground where 1400 West Washington used to sit.

Hasn’t always been that way, of course. What used to be the “Plumbing Industry Center” (among other uses) building at 1400 West Washington Boulevard in the West Loop was a nice looking structure. But someone wanted it gone, so down it came. No word on what, if anything, will take its place. Maybe they just needed more room for the Randolph Street Market next door.

1400 West Washington

Don’t judge it by this gloomy day; it was a handsome structure.

1400 West Washington columns

There were excellent columns out front.

1400 West Washington eagle

And this fantastic piece, front and center, at the top of the building. I hope this was saved.

1400 West Washington demo

Heneghan Wrecking, working from the back of the building toward Washington Blvd.

1400 West Washington guts

It always feels like such an invasion of privacy to see a building laid open like this.

1400 West Washington inside

A brief look inside.

1400 West Washington public

“PUBLIC” no more.

1400 West Washington permit

The death certificate, if you will.

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