🏗 May begins in Chicago with 11 tower cranes in the air 🏗

Remember that era of 30-something tower cranes?

Where are our tower cranes?

  • West Loop – 4
  • River North – 2
  • One each in: The Loop (320 South Canal); West Town (1454 West Randolph); Portage Park (Clarendale Six Corners); Gold Coast (Gild); Illinois Medical District (IL Health)

What are they building?

  • Residential – 5.5 (300 North Michigan is half res/half hotel
  • Office – 4
  • Medical – 1 (IL Health)
  • Hotel – .5 (300 North Michigan)

Who has tower cranes?

  • Power Construction – 6
  • 5 GCs with one each: Ryan Companies (Clarendale Six Corners): Clark Construction (320 South Canal); Skender (609 West Randolph); Walsh Construction (Salesforce Tower); Pepper Construction (UI Health)

We still have a stub only at 2050 West Ogden. 354 North Union has begun caisson work; that should be getting a tower crane permit any day now. 1000M, 320 South Clinton, 345 North Morgan, and 178 West Randolph still have outstanding tower-crane permits.

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