Stuff That’s Done That I Kept Forgetting To Take Photos Of: University of Chicago Campus North Residential Commons

Jeanne Gang’s Aqua

There was a time when the only building I took photos of was Aqua. It was the first tower I really fell in love with, and it gave me an immediate appreciation of Jeanne Gang’s work at Studio Gang.

As you may know, I’ve taken a few of The Residences at the St. Regis (formerly Vista Tower) too. And Solstice on the Park down in Hyde Park. But as many times as I went down to Hyde Park for Solstice, I kept forgetting to swing by the University of Chicago Campus North Residential Commons. Until now.

Something about the coloring of this development. Standing in front of it, it looks like a rendering.

Studio Gang towers in San Francisco, Brooklyn, and St. Louis are next on my visiting agenda.

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