Chicago has, and has taken down, a lot of tower cranes in 2017

That tweet from The Mayor got me to thinking about the tower cranes we’ve lost so far that were in operation this year.

To the best of my knowledge, they are:

  1. McDonald’s East crane (110 North Carpenter)
  2. 1407 On Michigan (1411 South Michigan)
  3. Hotel Zachary (3630 North Clark)
  4. Elevate Lincoln Park (930 West Altgeld)
  5. Spoke (1001 West Chicago)
  6. Optima Signature (220 East Illinois)
  7. Apple Store (401 North Michigan)
  8. 8 East Huron (8 East Huron)
  9. Hubbard 221 (412 North Wells)
  10. 3Eleven (311 West Illinois)
  11. 171 Aberdeen (171 North Aberdeen)
  12. 625 West Adams (625 West Adams)
  13. Landmark West Loop (1035 West Van Buren)
  14. Alta Roosevelt (801 South Financial)
  15. Solstice on the Park (1616 East 56th)
  16. Marriott Marquis (2121 South Prairie)
  17. Latter-day Saints Meetinghouse (822 North Clark)
  18. Gallery On Wells (167 West Erie)
  19. EMME (165 North Desplaines)
  20. 151 North Franklin (151 North Franklin)
  21. The Sinclair (1201 North LaSalle)
  22. DePaul School of Music (2330 North Halsted)
  23. 640 North Wells (640 North Wells)

Since the Mayor’s announcement, which came at a ceremony for The Lincoln Common’s second tower crane, we’ve added a 55th crane, at the Hoxton Chicago hotel (200 North Green.)

What’s that? You want to see photos of all 23 removed tower cranes? Sure, we can do that.


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