Spotted: A mini tower crane in Phoenix. And IT IS ADORABLE

Broadstone Roosevelt Row

One mini tower crane and lots of wood combine on Broadstone Roosevelt Row.

How many times do you sit at home, wondering why we have to live in a world where not every construction project will rise high enough to merit the use of a tower crane? Remember that in Chicago, we have a two-story project (Apple Store) and a three-story project (DePaul School of Music) that have tower cranes, so is there really a good reason not to have one? If only there was a market for mini-tower cranes.

And then boom. No pun intended. But here, on the streets of Phoenix, Arizona, I’ve found such a creature. All business up top, all counterweights down low. Like someone went to the gym only on leg day. It’s being utilized to build Broadstone Roosevelt Row, a multi-family residential block from Alliance Development. The design is by ORB (Office of Rich Barber) Architects of Phoenix. If I knew how to find building permits for Phoenix, I’d offer a little more information about the number of units and the like, but you’ll just have to settle for a few renderings and construction photos. And since Broadstone Roosevelt Row is a wooden wonderland right now, that’s not such a bad thing.

Oh, and that adorable little tower crane, too.

**My apologies to the general contractor on this one, as I haven’t been able to identify who it is. If someone lets me know, I’ll add them.


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