The McDonald’s East Tower Crane goes up…wait…hold that thought…

McDonald's East Tower crane

As of noon Sunday, a tower, but no crane.

Saturday saw a crew from Central Contractors erecting a free-standing Peiner SK415 tower crane (I know how to read a permit) on the new McDonald’s Headquarters site in the West Loop. East Crane seemed to coming along quite nicely, but Sunday morning saw the crew removing the tower top and cab from atop the tower. The good news here, obviously, is that we may get to watch the cab and turntable raised twice. Yep, that’d be an embarrassment of crane-assembly-watching riches.

McDonald's East Tower crane

Whereas late Saturday afternoon, the tower top and cab/turntable were in place.

Here are photos from Saturday’s partial assemblage. WARNING: Some of them are quite snowy:


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