It isn’t Spring yet

Helmut Jahn's 1000M
Helmut Jahn’s 1000M in the South Loop.

I surprised myself Sunday and took the camera out for a spin. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t do that again until spring arrived, but my main man Carlos wanted to meet for breakfast in the South Loop, so I bundled up and headed downtown. A couple things to point out:

  1. It’s cold.
  2. Due to inactivity, I forgot how to use my Canon.
  3. That same inactivity has that Canon acting up a little bit.
  4. The operating system on my PC updated a couple weeks ago; the photo program has changed again, and uploading pics from the camera didn’t go well.
  5. The photo-editing program has changed, including no longer having a blemish removal tool, and for someone who can’t keep his camera clean, that’s a big deal.
  6. Clearly, I need to start getting more sophisticated about editing photos.
  7. I walked too much in the cold. My back, my knees, they’re not happy with me. I might have to go back to my plan of staying inside until the warm weather returns. We’ll see. I *did* enjoy being out there for awhile.

I’ll get a few of these pictures into posts over the coming days. I hit a half-dozen or so construction sites before I had to give up the chase.

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