A tower crane permit dies at 320 South Clinton


Unsurprisingly, it looks like all bets are off at what was supposed to be the Toyoko Inn at 320 South Clinton in the West Loop. Long before the parking garage across the street had been demolished for the nearly-completed Union Station Tower, crews buried caissons in the ground for the would-be 24-story hotel. There was word a local alderman wasn’t happy at all that work had gotten started, and he put a stop to it. Now, almost four years later, there’s a For Sale sign up on the property, the gaping foundation hole that sat full of water for months and months has been filled in, and the lot smoothed over.

The now-moot tower crane permit was issued April 10, 2020. In May of last year, a permit was issued to “restore and secure the site while construction is suspended.” Hence the new fence and infill.

So if you’re interested in a developable plot of land with caissons already installed, you might want to look into this one.

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