The probably-comprehensive-but-please-don’t-hold-me-to-it Chicago Tower Crane Survey for April 2022 shows 16 in the air

Here are four of Chicago’s tower cranes

Two sunny days in a row, coupled with a day-and-a-half of free time, let me get to the far reaches of Chicago construction to chase down the last of the unphotographed tower cranes. That includes one, at 1306 E 61st St, that I wasn’t at all sure was happening, had already happened, or had been scrapped. Well, it’s real. And up until a few days ago, it was Chicago’s southernmost and easternmost tower crane. But no more. The rig at The Obama Presidential Center takes that prize. Fortunately for 1306, I don’t give trophies out for these titles, so it didn’t lose out on much.

Our northernmost and westernmost cranes are also a single construction site: at 4445 W Irving Park, where Northwestern Medicine is building a healthcare facility.

Residential projects dominate our cranes, with 11 of them going towards building new housing. There’s one for education (that’s how I’m categorizing the Obama Center until I come up with a better category); one for parking (1306 E 61st is a parking garage for the University of Chicago); one for Life Sciences (ALLY): and one for healthcare (4445 Irving Park)

If I missed your tower crane, hit me up. If you’ve got a tower crane out in the ‘burbs, let me know that too. It’s about time for a jaunt out of the city.

Starting south and working our way north, here are Chicago’s 16 active tower cranes:

The Obama Presidential Center (6001 S Stony Island)
1306 E 61st St
1400 South Wabash
1000M (1000 S Michigan)
The Reed (234 W Polk)
513 South Damen
160 North Elizabeth
900 Randolph (164 N Peoria)
166 North Aberdeen
Salesforce Tower (333 W Wolf Point)
354 North Union
HUGO (751 N Hudson)
The 808 Cleveland (808 N Cleveland)
The Seng & Common Lincoln Park (853 W Blackhawk)
ALLY at 1229 W Concord
Northwestern Medicine (4445 W Irving Park)

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