Chicago’s July 2021 Tower Crane Survey clings desperately to double digits

We are down to 10 active tower cranes in Chicago. Not saying sound the alarm, but I’d know where the panic button is, just in case.

Paying close attention to Randolph Street. 609 West Randolph has been topped out for awhile, so that crane could come down by the time I type this sentence. Especially the way I type. 1400 West Randolph (Parq Fulton) and 1454 West Randolph (Evo Union Park) both celebrated topping out last week, so the days for those two cranes are numbered. There’s still no sign of 178 West Randolph getting started, despite its tower crane permit from March 2020. The good news is, the Plumbers Union parking garage at 1371 should get a crane this month.

We could also get a new crane at 354 North Union during July. It was permitted in May. Plus, a full building permit was issued in June for 345 North Morgan, so the tower crane permit issued for that in March 2020 (as was the foundation permit) will soon be put to use. Before July ends though? We’ll have to wait and see.

Two tower cranes, at 1043 Fulton and 320 South Canal, have been taken down since the June survey.

Where are the tower cranes?

  • West Loop – 2 (609 W Randolph and Parq Fulton)
  • River North – 2 (Salesforce Tower and One Chicago)
  • Illinois Medical District – 2 (UI Health and gateway Apartments)
  • West Town – 1 (Evo Union Park)
  • Gold Coast – 1 (Gild Chicago)
  • The Loop – 1 (300 North Michigan)
  • Portage Park – 1 (Clarendale Six Corners)

What are they building?

  • Residential – 6.5
  • Office – 2
  • Medical – 1 (UI Health)
  • Hotel – .5 (300 North Michigan Hotel/Residential)

Who has tower cranes?

  • Power Construction – 4
  • Skender Construction – 1 (609 West Randolph)
  • Ryan Companies – 1 (Clarendale Portage Park)
  • Global Builders – 1 (Gateway Apartments)
  • Pepper Construction – 1 (UI Health)
  • Walsh Construction – 1 (Salesforce Tower)
  • Linn-Mathes – 1 (300 North Michigan)

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