Stay tuned, Milwaukee fans

My single tower crane sighting, at Ascent.

Sorry, folks. I’ve gotten into a bit of a rut the past few weeks. It was bound to happen with the development slow-down we’ve seen. When this blog was *really rolling, back in 2017, we had a total of 62 tower cranes around Chicago. Now, with just 12 at the moment, it’s difficult to provide some variety. There just isn’t as much to watch these days.

Granted, I could still walk back and forth all day between Carroll Avenue demolitions and Salesforce Tower construction, but I doubt you want to see photo galleries of those every other day.

So to mix things up a little, I’m on a 30-hour visit up north in Milwaukee. Like Chicago, there isn’t nearly as much happening here as the last time I visited back in 2017 (I’ve only spotted one single tower crane) but at least it’s something different.

I forgot to bring the cable that zips photos from my camera to my laptop, so I can’t post much until I get back to Chicago. But I’ll have a few Milwaukee updates for you this week.

The Ascent crane from my hotel room.

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