The month of May sees 28 tower cranes sprouted over Chicago

Hyatt House West Loop

Chicago’s newest tower crane, at Hyatt House in the West Loop, gets a hand from the moon on Tuesday.

Hyatt House West Loop

The Hyatt House tower crane as of Tuesday evening. Hmm. It’s regressed. That’s okay; I’m counting it anyway.

If this post had been written for May 1, Chicago would have had 29 tower cranes in the air. But things have changed in the first week or so of the month. Already in May, we’ve lost tower cranes at The Van Buren in the West Loop, and at Eight Eleven Uptown. But past is past, and now is now, so let’s look at the 28 we do have, including one–at Hyatt House in the West Loop–that was still being erected Tuesday.

***Expect another crane in the air in the very near future, as 5252 South Cornell is about to go up, followed soon thereafter by 333 North Green.

New since the March Survey:

  1. Hyatt House West Loop
  2. 180 North Ada
  3. 1201 West Lake
  4. GEMS World Academy Upper School
  5. Three Sixty West

Gone since the March Survey:

  1. The Van Buren
  2. Eight Eleven Uptown
  3. Addison & Clark
  4. Wicker Park Connection
  5. 465 North Park
  6. 900 West

Who has tower cranes:

  1. Lendlease – 4
  2. W.E. O’Neil – 4
  3. McHugh – 4
  4. Power – 4
  5. Walsh – 2
  6. Leopardo – 2
  7. Eight general contractors have one tower crane apiece: Skender (Hyatt House West Loop); Centaur (Glad to see you back! Nobu Hotel); Macon (Hayden West Loop); Onni Group (Atrium Village Phase 2); Maris (Three Sixty West); M.A. Mortenson (Home2 Suites River North); Pepper (UIC Harrison Hall); DLG (3833 North Broadway)

Where are the tower cranes:

  1. West Loop – 8
  2. South Loop – 4
  3. River North – 4
  4. Lakeshore East – 3
  5. Lincoln Park – 3
  6. Streeterville – 2
  7. Four neighborhoods have one tower crane apiece:  Lake View (3833 North Broadway; University Village (UIC Harrison Hall); Gold Coast (61 East Banks); Near North (Atrium Village Phase Two)

What are they building:

  1. Residential – 18
  2. Hotel – 6
  3. Office – 2
  4. Education – 2

Coming soon:

  1. 5252 South Cornell
  2. 1201 East 60th
  3. 333 North Green



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