Cranes Without Context: Sydney Tower Eye Edition

Cranes Without Context Sydney

One project I know for sure: Darling Square.

Have you ever shared photos even though you weren’t really sure what you’d captured? Good. Don’t @ me then.

In an effort to not have hundreds of photos on my computer that I won’t do anything with, I’ve decided to start a new series of posts on The Blog. Welcome to Cranes Without Context. These are the pictures I take that I either haven’t taken the time to research, or don’t have additional photos to use for their particular development. (Because who wants to see a photo gallery with only one photo.)

Cranes Without Context begins in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, from the observation deck of the Sydney Tower Eye. Much as I do when visiting Chicago’s Hancock Center and Sears Tower, I snapped every tower crane I could see from this lofty perch. And there’s just no way I’m gonna be able to figure out what job site each is from.

** You got an accidental preview of Cranes Without Context in the Victoria Bridge Brisbane post a couple days ago. Too many cranes, not enough time, etc. **

Some of you (particularly in Australia) will know some of these tower cranes on sight. Feel free to chime in as to project names and specs.

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