Off to England. Who will count the tower cranes?

I’m putting you on tower-crane watch, Chicago.

Even though we leave for London Wednesday, it’s very likely construction will continue here without me, and that means you’ll need to be my eye on the skyline. You can print out this little cheat sheet of things to look for if you’d like.

508 West Diversey tower crane stub

Chicago’s newest tower crane is coming to 508 West Diversey.

There are permits issued for the following tower cranes, which could spring up any day:

  1. One South Halsted (stub)
  2. 508 West Diversey (stub)
  3. Aloft Chicago Mag Mile (243 East Ontario)
  4. Essex On The Park (808 South Michican, still undergoing caisson work)
  5. Nobu Hotel (854 West Randolph, also in caisson mode)

The following is my Endangered Tower Crane list. Some have topped out, while others “might” be near the end of their use. This is neither an official not scientific list:

  1. 3Eleven (311 West Illinois. Definitely topped out)
  2. 171 Aberdeen (I think topped out. Novak? A little help?)
  3. Apple Store (It’s only two stories, so who knows what “topped out” means on this one. But I have to believe they don’t need the tower crane much longer)
  4. 8 East Huron and No. 9 Walton (These are both extremely tentative. I haven’t counted stories yet, but I think they’re close to the top)

Which tower crane will be completed first, One South Halsted or 508 West Diversey? Who’ll take tower cranes down first, Power Construction (Apple Store, 3Eleven) or Novak Construction (171 Aberdeen)? I won’t know; I’ll be in England. (Maybe Paris too!)

Pay attention, Chicago, and share photos with each other. Or send them to the blog ( and I’ll be sure to post them. Then, we’ll see you back Stateside at the end of next week.

I hear there are tower cranes in London, so don’t worry about me; I’ll be fine.

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