Your (my) new Chicago Tower Crane count stands at 33

Chicago tower cranes

Forgotten tower crane at the DePaul School of Music

The conversation with myself went something like this, as I stood on the Fullerton CTA platform Monday morning, waiting for a Brown Line train:

Me: “I’m kinda surprised the tower crane at the DePaul School of Music is still there.”

Also me: “The Depaul School of Music! I forgot the DePaul School of Music!”

So there’s one tower crane I’d forgotten to include. That brings the current (as far as I know) active count to 33. Generally moving north to south, they are:

  1. Eight Eleven Uptown (811 W Agatite)
  2. Hotel Zachary (3630 N Clark)
  3. Addison & Clark (1025 W Addison)
  4. Elevate Lincoln Park (930 W Altgeld)
  5. DePaul School of Music (2330 N Halsted)\
  6. Atrium Village (1140 N Wells)
  7. Wicker Park Connection (1640 W Division)
  8. No. 9 Walton (9 W Walton)
  9. Simpson Querrey Center N (303 E Superior)
  10. Simpson Querrey Center S (303 E Superior)
  11. One Bennett Park E (451 E Grand)
  12. One Bennett Park W (452 E Grand)
  13. 465 North Park (465 North Park)
  14. Apple Store (401 N Michigan)
  15. 8 E Huron (8 E Huron)
  16. Hubbard221 (221 W Hubbard)
  17. 3Eleven (311 W Illinois)
  18. Vista Tower E  (401 E Wacker)
  19. Vista Tower W (363 E Wacker)
  20. 171 Aberdeen (171 N Aberdeen)
  21. McDonald’s HQ W (110 N Carpenter)
  22. McDonald’s HQ E (110 N Carpenter)
  23. Illume Chicago (111 S Peoria)
  24. 625 West Adams (625 W Adams)
  25. Landmark West Loop (1035 W Van Buren)
  26. Ancora at Riverline (720 S Wells)
  27. Alta Roosevelt (801 S Financial)
  28. 1101 South Wabash (1101 S Wabash)
  29. 1136 South Wabash (1136 S Wabash)
  30. One Grant Park (1200 S Indiana)
  31. 1411 South Michigan (1411 S Michigan)
  32. Three Hiltons (123 E Cermak)
  33. Solstice On The Park (1616 E 56th)

At last sightings, we still had stubs in the ground at the Cook County Central Campus Health Center (1950 W Polk), and One South Halsted. There are tower crane permits for 4 properties that haven’t been planted yet:

  1. Aloft Hotel (243 E Ontario)
  2. Nobu (854 W Randolph)
  3. Essex On The Park (808 S Michigan)
  4. No. 508 (508 W Diversey)

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