Condo construction, Fajardo, Puerto Rico (no, I’m not really here looking for construction)

Fajardo Puerto Rico

Gut rehab of the condo across the street from our balcony. Though it’s hard to tell from a still photo. Take that red work truck as proof.

They’re doing some work on the condominium across the street from our room here in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. It’s not as loud or dusty as skyscraper construction, but it’s construction, so now I can write this trip off as a blog expense.

We haven’t seen all of Puerto Rico, but what we have seen makes us want to come back and see the rest. You should get down here.

Super moon

The Super Moon rises above the Atlantic over Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

Fajardo Puerto Rico

Yep, that’s a crane waaaaaaay over there across the water.

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