Quick Look: One Bennett Park installs peepholes; construction nerds nerd-out

One Bennett Park peepholes

This is one of two sets of peepholes cut into the plywood fencing at One Bennett Park.

Someone responsible for One Bennett Park gets *us. They get that we’ll reach over a wall or through our fence with our phones to click photos, even when we can’t see what we’re taking pictures of. They get that we’ll climb a tree if that wall is too high (I did it at Wrigley Field.) They get that we’ll look for the nearest parking garage, or rent a helicopter ride, if it getting to a higher point lets us see down inside their construction site.

Someone at One Bennett Park made the decision to install peepholes along Grand Avenue. Was it the developer’s idea, Related Midwest? The general contractor, Lendlease? Whoever did this, thank you. From all of us.

*us – refers to construction nerds. You know who we are. Camera in one hand, phone in the other. At least one of us at every construction site.

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