Addition by subtraction at 168 North Michigan

Back in July, the Chicago Plan Commission approved plans to finally get the renovation of the former Atlantic Bank Building at 168 North Michigan Avenue restarted. The design to turn the building into a 210-room hotel, by Hirsch Associates Architects, calls for five additional floors to be added to the existing structure. But first, the 13th floor penthouse and everything occupying the roof has to be removed, and that work is taking place now on 168 North Michigan’s rooftop.

W.E. O’Neil is the general contractor (have you checked out the job they did at LondonHouse?!) on the renovations, having replaced the original contractor back in May.

168 North Michigan

The renovation permit, allowing for removal of the 13th floor penthouse.

168 North Michigan

This is what the rooftop looked like in July.

168 North Michigan

As of this week, there isn’t much left up there.

168 North Michigan

A look from street level.


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