In praise of Australia

It has been occurring to me more and more over the last couple of weeks how much I miss Australia. No doubt this Chicago weather has something to do with that, but by golly, what a joyous trip that was.

I returned Stateside with photo files of 75+ construction sites and individual buildings/skyscrapers. The building boom Down Under is real, and it is spectacular. You may have noticed “some” overage of it on these pages near the end of 2017. In case you need a refresher, click the links for posts from the following cities:


Aurora Melbourne

Aurora Melbourne.


Darling Square Sydney

Lendlease had seven tower cranes in the air at Darling Square in Sydney.


Brisbane Skytower

Brisbane Skytower on the right; the completed Abian Botanic Gardens on the left.

Gold Coast

Jewel Residences Gold Coast

The 5-crane masterpiece that is Jewel Residences, on the beach in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.

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