Travel Alert: B.U.C. is heading to Australia

Newstead Brisbane Australia

This Google Maps photo from the Brisbane suburb of Newstead makes me optimistic that I’ll find tower cranes in Australia.

Dear readers: If you’re reading this, you are a reader. And as I did in May for our trip to London, I’m putting you back on the clock for Chicago Tower Crane Watch while the Mrs. and I travel to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Australia.

Chicago has stubs due to be planted, cranes to be assembled atop existing stubs, and cranes that have accomplished what they set out to do and are ready to come down. Please, be the blog’s eyes.

I’ve been taking Google Maps trips down under for a couple weeks now, just to make sure there are tower cranes in Australia, thereby making the trip worth taking. (That’s a joke, of course. I know how to enjoy other aspects of travel besides construction. Heck, I even went to the mountains once, where there wasn’t a crane to be found. And I liked it. Still…yeah, I’ll look for tower cranes.) Granted, there will be no Outback visit on this trip, and no swimming with sharks. Just big cities, for the most part.

Who’s been to Australia recently? Where are they building? (Looking at you, Lendlease. As busy as you are here in Chicago, I’m expecting to see you *everywhere* in Australia.)

The photo below comes from Google Street View. Take a 360-degree look from the Victoria Bridge, and you can spot 20 cranes. I’m going to like Brisbane.


Lots of tall building under construction when Google captured this photo, from the Bolte Bridge in Melbourne. I hope some of them are still there, still hard at work.

Melbourne Australia

I spotted more than a dozen cranes from this spot in Sydney, on the “Western Distributor” near Tumbalong Park.

Sydney Australia

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